Hello Sexism : A Mission Statement

It’s 2016, people. The wage gap isn’t closed. Women still do more housework, occupy fewer executive roles, are objectified physically in the media non-stop, and now we have Men’s Rights Activists, revenge porn, and GamerGaters to deal with on top of it all. (Srsly guys? Grand Theft Auto and the Sport’s Illustrated swimsuit edition isn’t enough?)

We are downright fucking pissed, but it’s not all doom and gloom! We have each other! And Not ALL men! Ok, but fer realz, some days, a good belly laugh is the only thing to help us cope with the rampant sexism still alive and well in modern culture.

Hello Sexism is dedicated to calling out misogynistic bullshit where we see it, promoting equality in the workplace and beyond, defining strategies and providing toolkits to help cure the plague of inequity and above all else, keep us laughing. Out loud.

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